Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Charm Bracelet

Undeniable  . .  woman's and jewelery. One of it called 'CHARM BRACELET' and this is my interest. The creativity and theme produced eventually became my passion. One of the challenges to craft charm bracelet is to look for a beautiful and unique charm. I then venture into it.. ^_^

Memoir of Loves
Item code ~ CBL01.  Brass ribbon chain + classic toggle + small charm + Memoir of Loves Charm (the heart shape charm can be open).  2 pieces available.  

Price tag : RM38.00 (EXCLUDE delivery charges)

Apple of my Eyes
Item code ~ CBA01.  Silver oval chain + enamel green flower petal charm + green apple charm + silver toggle.  4 pieces available.  

Price tag : RM25.00 (EXCLUDE delivery charges)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

#101: Valvet Embroidery Tote Handbag

Valvet Embroidery Tote Handbag (Maroon Color) (SOLD)
The size uphold (SOLD)
Today I managed to get few items which I personally hand picks for sale.  Brand new and this bag is a kinda tote bag.  Maroon color with embroidery stitches to it.  The material is thick valvet and there are few compartments. 

Price tag : RM50.00/unit (exclude delivery charges)

Valvet Embroidery Tote Handbag (Light Pink) (SOLD)

The different colors available.  This is light pink and it is so gurlll!

Price Tag  :  RM50.00/unit exclude delivery charges)
Valvet Embroidery Tote Handbag (Light Pink) (SOLD)

The flower embroidery is stitches with white beads..

Valvet Embroidery Tote Handbag (Maroon flowers beads) (SOLD)
 This is the same materials and design as earlier pixies.. Maroon color..

Price tag  :  RM50.00/unit (exclude delvery charges)

Valvet Embroidery Tote Handbag (Light Purple)(SOLD)

For this, my favourite color..very light pastel purple..

Price tag : RM50.00/unit (exclude delivery charges)

Sling Leather (Cow skin) baby blue with few compartments.

Casual yet elegant.. ^_^

Price tag  :  RM120.00/unit (exclude delivery charges)


One of my favorite... Pastel green with velvet material and huge compartments inside...

Price tag  :  RM85.00/unit (exclude delivery charges)

السلام عليكم

This is my first entry for BabyBuzz Bazzar. Excited to try new things, to have own blog, and share my piece of tot.. So, nice to have all of you here...الحمد لله

Puan Ayang..